A simple, beautiful Twitter client for iOS

Your new Twitter app.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and with flitter we absolutely believe that. The way in which you browse your timeline and interact with tweets should never be an afterthought, it should look stunning. And it does.

You can go from light to dark as effortlessly as tapping an on-screen button. You can change accent hues to match any outfit, and pictures don't have to be small and tucked away. They can be big and bold. It's the same old Twitter, but with a fresh new coat of paint.

Notable features:

- A gorgeous timeline that can be tweaked to look how you want

- Tweet detail with threaded replies

- Long-hold tweets for quick actions

- Tap the navigation bar for a jump bar to quickly access lists and bookmarked users

- Long-hold the navigation bar for a quick theme switcher

- Local and global trends

- Bookmark users for quick access

- Mentions with graphed history

- New tweet section with an intuitive keyboard drawer

- Keyboard haptics

- Search local and global tweets

- Search users

- Edit tweets

- Translate tweets

- Change theme hues

- Dark mode and OLED dark mode

- Change image layout and positions

- Pinch the screen to tweet a screenshot

- Move tweet button around to a place that suits you

- View users' mentions and liked tweets

- Extensive tweet actions

- Extensive profile actions

- Swipe through recent images

- Biometric locks for the app and app sections

- Multiple user accounts

- More settings than you know what to do with

- Dynamically change the app icon

- Sounds and haptics

- 3D Touch Peek and Pop

- 3D Touch quick actions

- Today Widget

- Share Extension

- iMessage sticker pack

- Siri support

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Manny Orduña
Freelance Creative

From previous experience with this dev (Milkeddit), it will be updated a few times then abandoned.

Would recommend not to purchase solely on the lack of future support.


Looks beautiful



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Amrith Shanbhag
Community at Opal 💎 Board of Gen-Z 🐝
Umm, how does this edit tweets again, @jpeguin? 🤔
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Binoy Xavier Joy
Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
@amrith 1-click to delete the tweet and open it as draft to edit.
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Yash VarmaCEO/Co-Founder, Restoplay
@binoyxj savage move lol
Binoy Xavier Joy
Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
@vyashdz Nice workaround, but false advertising!?
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AnmoliOS Developer
Amazing product! Heavily customisable like change the tint of app, multiple themes, multiple icons and much much more. I’m an avid Tweetbot user but this app might make me leave Tweetbot. Loving it, can’t wait for future updates! Also did I tell you it has haptic feedback all over the app? Even keyboard haptic feedback! It feels so great to type in the app! 😍😍
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Yury MolodtsovPR for tech startups and VC firms
@a_m_i_am What makes it that better than Tweetbot?
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Lisa Dziuba
FlawlessApp.io Founder
Congrats with the launch!!!
Charles Magnuson
Professional Consumer
"You know what, Twitter would be a great service to use if only there was one more 3rd party client." said no one ever.