Find out if your crush on Instagram likes you back

Flitr lets you find out if your crush on Instagram likes you back. Type in any username or visit their profile to send winks and waves. Winks are anonymous unless they wink back. Waves will show your username.
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Instagram is the best dating app. I created flitr to make it even better. Ever have a crush on somebody? Ever check their Instagram obsessively and wonder if they're doing the same to you? Ever wonder if you're missing out on love because you're too shy to reveal true feelings? Well, flitr can help you find the answer. Type in anyone's Instagram username, or visit their flitr profile, to send winks and waves. Winks are your way of saying you have a crush on someone. Kinda like a right swipe on Tinder. They're anonymous unless the person sends a wink back to you, in which case, it's a match! Until they wink back, all your crush will see is that "someone" winked at them. Waves are just a friendly hello. They will show your username. You can send these around to whoever you want, or send a wave alongside a wink to hint to your crush that you might have sent a wink as well. tl;dr: What if you could "swipe right" on an Instagram profile? Flitr let's you do that, kinda.
@john_c_palmer glad to see you're having fun working on new things. I like the concept.
@john_c_palmer How do you contact the person I want to wink at?
@asgeir_visir Right now, we don’t. Unless they have an account, then we send an SMS.
@john_c_palmer How are you planning on solving this issue?
@asgeir_visir Considering tagging them in our story on Instagram to let them know they been liked. What do you think?

I didn't work!


I can't tell what I like...


It doesn't let me enter my phone number

I kind of have hopes for this to go viral but how do you notify the person that you send a wink or wave to? what's the chance for them to become a flitr user? The idea is super interesting as it completely piggybacks on instagram, instead of building your own platform
@danirogerc The best way to get them on flitr is to put the link in your Instagram bio. However, I’m also considering tagging people who get liked each day on flitr’s own IG Story. What do you think?
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