Accept cryptocurrency payments worldwide

Fliqpay helps businesses accept cryptocurrency payments worldwide and settles them instantly in their local bank account.

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Interesting. However I am still confused by the fact that crypto is not accepted legally, so how would this affect the merchant's account books?
@niksmac the merchant will receive the funds in their local currency so what will appear in the accounting books with be the value paid for the product/service. That is if the consumer pays X amount in Bitcoin for a product, the merchant will receive its equivalent in her/his local currency(this could be US dollar, Indian rupee or Nigerian naira), hence, it doesn't affect accounting.
@ezekiel_ojewunmi fair enough. Are you a legal entity?
This product provides an answer to the question how can I spend cryptocurrency, by enabling merchants/businesses to receive payments in cryptocurrency. I love the part that merchants/businesses will receive value for their product/service in their local currency.
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