Space repetition app to help you remember everything

Web app to remember more of what you learn. Backed by a learning technique called spaced repetition.

This is how it works:

1. Create a flashcard for anything that you want to memorize. Use markdown, text and images.

2. An algorithm determines which cards you’re about to forget

3. The app shows you those cards, so you can review them

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hi PH! 💬 The Story I discovered spaced repetition a few months ago. It’s a learning technique to memorize a vast amount of information in an semi-effortless manner. It’s the opposite of cramming everything the day before a test. This is how it works: 1. Create a flashcard for anything that you want to memorize 2. An algorithm determines which cards you’re about to forget 3. The app presents the cards that you are about to forget so you can review them By constantly reviewing cards we beat human’s forgetting curve (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fo...). 🛠 Solution I was interested in the topic, and I decided to develop the idea in a "build a startup in 24h" stream
. I failed at building the app in 24h, after 7 hours I burned out. Mad respect for the people that can ship in 24h! I decided to keep working on the app. Why another spaced repetition app? * Zero friction. Currently, the most famous ones require you to download software. * Ability to use markdown to format your flashcards * I love CMD + SHIFT + CTL + 4 to take screenshots. Being able to paste images into cards makes the creation process super fast. I can just take a screenshot of something in the web and save it in a flashcard 💎Pricing You can create 25 cards for free. To create unlimited cards the price is 12$ per year. 🎁 Results I’m currently building my stack of cards. I create one every time I encounter something I want to memorize. So far its going great! I’d love your feedback. -Ricardo.
@ricardomacario Love it. Simple yet effective. Any plans to make cards (or deck of cards) embeddable? Would be neat to add as a learning resource on membership sites
@ricardomacario Great execution! Have you thought about adding a browser extension that pings you every X minutes with a card? I wanted to build this a while back and never got around to it. The reason is I find I'm unlikely to remember to regularly come back to the webapp until I've formed that habit, whereas I wouldn't mind being interrupted a few times an hour to answer a quick question if I know it's helping me learn (maybe with an easy way to pause it when I'm focusing).
@cellus_christie Hi Marcell! I hadn't thought about it. But it's a very cool idea. I'm going to keep polishing the MVP and then explore new features. Thanks for checking it out!
@jeremynevans Hi Jeremy! This is something that I've been thinking about. I definitely need a way to alert you that there are some cards that you will forget soon. The thing is that I'm not a big fan of notifications. I guess emails or chrome notifications is what makes more sense. I'll explore this in the future. As far as a Chrome extension, I think for now you can get away with a bookmark to the review page. I've been thinking about an extension to create the cards faster as you browse the web. Thank you for the feedback and checking the app out!
How is it different from Quizlet?