Automate multiple RSS feeds in a single email

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Hi Hunters, I'm one of the makers of FlipRSS - just wanted to say thanks to Dana Severson for the hunt :-) We built FlipRSS after a client asked us for what seemed like help with a simple problem - they wanted to send a weekly email to their subscribers based on their individual subscription preferences using their existing RSS feeds. Sounds reasonable, but we couldn't find a solution for this, not even with the big email service providers. So we got started developing. 1. It's ideal for anyone with multiple feeds or categories who wants to give their subscribers a choice of what they receive in their regular email communications. 2. It handles all the scheduling and automation - set it up once and it does the hard work for you. 3. It can be used for automating single RSS feeds based on subscriber preferences or demographics. 4. It integrates with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor meaning you don't need to import lists or move to a new email service provider. We've got some great ideas for some awesome features to compliment the core product and looking to grow a community to be part of this journey with us. Love to know what you think and would welcome any feedback - check us out at https://fliprss.com Any questions please ask :-) James
@jamesq Love the turtle :) Finally a nice looking RSS Client
@stefanpanic9 Thanks - have you managed to get on and check it out? Would love to hear what you think.
@jason is this what @inside is built on?