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#5 Product of the DayAugust 04, 2018

FlippAR Go is the new-age travel app for the tech-savvy, modern traveller. Go uses Augmented Reality to unveil interactive travel experiences. You can access stories and facts about heritage sites, and explore things to do around you, all on a single app.

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Its great to see how uniquely the idea has derived from the concept of augmented reality. Being one of a kind in India is a major perk. @abhirup_moitra wish you good luck.
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@paulharshit Thanks. All the best for Lambdatest
This tool is meant for me. Thanks a lot @abhirup_moitra.
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This tool is very useful for me. All videos are in clear quality.
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The UI of this product is amazing, really useful for people like me who love to travel a lot.
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Best tool for the new updates, Great.
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