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Make money online through sponsored posts


🚀 Flipmass is the influencer platform.

💵 We help social media influencers make money.

🎟 To get access receive an invite from an influencer in-app.

📝 Meet the requirements of 10,000+ followers & views per post.

🎊 Once you're in, connect your social pages to start receiving deals.

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VP Marketing @ dodl.es

Flipmass for the win!

We have spent thousands of dollars through flipmass and have never had an issue. If you are looking to scale your social efforts in the quickest and most efficient way, flipmass is for you.


Purchasing Social Accounts

Shout Outs

Social Queries

Influencer Negotiations

Safe Deal Flow


Limited Access

Brokering deals can get tedious.

Hey just wondering do you know any one sellong an invite code for flipmass
i have a 500k followers in twitter and it's for sale now.
Instagram influencer

Its a good app to buy & sell accounts I’m using it since it was launched did $30k+ of worth transaction never had an issue.. but it would be good if they can add more payment methods too like Skrill i don‘t use paypal i had to use bank but it takes some time not their problem tho bank usually takes days that’s why if they add more payment methods it would be nice 👍


Fast & Trusted

Good Customer Service

Live Chat Support

Better Then Other Platforms


Need More payout Options

already do more than $50k+ using flipmass


great team

live chat




payment methods

Hey just wondering do you know any one sellong an invite code for flipmass

Ray, Taylor, Cameron, Nikita, Ryan, Quinn, Sergio, + the rest unmentioned who lost everything because your ego and pride got the best of you. You created nothing, never ran account, never did f&*@ all with the Twitter game until 2014 and it only took you 4 years crown yourself king, line your pockets, and then to burn it to the ground. But then also shift blame away from yourself for every asynine move you made which drew attention to the publisher side of twitter. Thus forcing twitters hand to reclaim it’s platform. Not to mention you literally created a business that is entirely against the rules of the platform you run it from. And now you’re back for round 2? under the guise of ‘saving the game’? Kick rocks kid.





Hey just wondering do you know any one sellong an invite code for flipmass