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Hi all! We’ve been working hard and we’re very excited to announce Automations on Fliplingo made available across 9 social media and blogging platforms! We made it super easy for you to communicate with anyone across the web, by automatically human-translating all your posts on every platforms you already use: Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, Wordpress etc. Enter the coupon code PRODUCTHUNT today to get 100 free translated words ($10 value). If you have feedback or questions, ping me here. Matt, Fliplingo Founder matt@fliplingo.com
How long does it take from the moment I post something in English, to the time the translation is posted?
@skylerwshaw Hi Skyler, thanks for the question. For short content (like tweets), it generally takes 5-15 minutes; but for a lengthy Facebook post it can take up to an hour. We also offer the option to auto-schedule translated posts to match with a different timezone, so your reach is maximized and the translation time doesn't impact much.
I love this evolution of Fliplingo, @mattaussaguel! IFTTT-like animation on the landing page makes it very easy to understand how it works :)
@kjemperud Thanks Thomas, yeah we've realized that the feature was kind of hidden and hard to explain to customers. Now it looks much clearer to our users especially with these animations. :)
These type of ventures are always intriguing. Cool to see a live product. English is outpacing every other language in terms of growth.