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#2 Product of the DayOctober 04, 2019
Prefab apps combine no-code app editors with the extensibility of open source components. Enabling anyone to create apps without running up against feature limitations. Use an existing library of prefab components or create your own.
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@aaronoleary - we were hunted approximately 6 years ago so it's virtually a different product! the aim is still the same though. Making app development easy. In the last couple of years we've got a lot of traction with large enterprise clients who like the balance of nocode ease of use for business lines with Javascript based extensibility which enables IT to focus on the most important features. Our feature set is currently enterprise focussed but we've got some upcoming feature releases to do with layout flexibility and logic workflows that will hopefully open up the platform to a much wider user base!
@ben_wynne_simmons Cool! Nice to see it's still going strong! Do you have a list of notable feature updates since you last launched?
@aaronoleary - it's been six years so the whole thing has been overhauled. I suspect most of the community here won't have heard of us before given our enterprise focus. I can give you a key feature list - but it might be easier for people just to go to our website (https://fliplet.com) and sign up with a free account.
This is really cool! What are the technologies used and types of open source components supported? i.e. React Native.
@lnchoi That's a great question. We'd love to use react native but the reality is that our clients need to be able to extend the platform with the minimum learning curve possible. They may not be developers. And using things like XCode on a Microsoft work computer is typically too difficult to countenance. As such the platform can be extended with typical web languages - Javascript, HTML, CSS - which have huge amounts of support, tutorials, code snippets etc. This also has the benefit that many web languages fail gracefully - ie, if a user has created a bug you can still run the app but perhaps a single component will not be displayed.
Thanks for the share @colinwinhall. I work at Fliplet - how do we get linked as the Makers? If anyone has a question please shout or just sign up for a free account and try it out.
@ben_wynne_simmons I see that Aaron has added you as a maker :-) If you have the product hunt username of anyone else just tag them and I can also add them as makers.
@colinwinhall many thanks!
@colinwinhall How has your experience been with this?
@ben_wynne_simmons Is there anything new since flipjet last launched?
@aaronoleary just confirming I replied to this above.