A smart and well-designed controller for your window blinds

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Ksenia Vinogradova
Ksenia VinogradovaMaker@kayesakakiki · CEO @FLipFLic
Hello everyone, Ksenia here, founder at FlipFlic - happy to present it here to the PH community! FlipFlic is the first plug-and-play solution to instantly transform old window blinds into a smart home appliance. Snaps onto your existing blinds with one click! It will maintain the ideal level of indoor light and temperature throughout the day. We just launched on Kickstarter for this second generation of the product. We started working on it 2 years ago and are supported by the hardware accelerators Highway1 (California) and Buildit (Estonia). Happy to answer any questions you might have! Send us your feedback, comments, and love at ksenia@flipflic.com. Cheers, Ksenia
brady forrest
brady forrestHunter@brady · Ignite Talks & Highway1
This team went through the Highway1 accelerator program. They are a driven team and they got shit done.
Filippo Yacob
Filippo Yacob@filippo_yacob · Founder @Primotoys. @Highway1io alumni
Great idea. I would like to know more on use within commercial settings. Big building, lots of windows etc. I bet it would help save heat, energy, money?
Ksenia Vinogradova
Ksenia VinogradovaMaker@kayesakakiki · CEO @FLipFLic
@filippo_yacob Thanks for the question! Right, with ZigBee hub up to 100 devices can be controlled at a time, as they build up a mesh. This way a uniform and comfort light & temperature conditions can be reached. Savings will vary between 6-18% depending on the season and the building itself.
Armin Konjalic
Armin Konjalic@vanbossto · Humaniq
I met Ksenia in early days of this startup (called Comfee at the time). It is impressive how quickly FlipFlic team iterates since then and keeps improving this great and super useful product.
Ksenia Vinogradova
Ksenia VinogradovaMaker@kayesakakiki · CEO @FLipFLic
@vanbossto Thank you, Armin!
Kristofer™@kristofertm · #6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
So smart! Love connected gadgets that get added your already purchased/installed products vs a complete replacement.