Your frequently shared information at your fingertips

Hello everyone! Janna from Flipdeck here. Just wanted to let you know that Flipdeck is currently free for a limited time, from now to June 20, 2016! A little more info about Flipdeck: Flipdeck lets you organize and send your frequently-used information—that short list of stuff most important to you (such as your business card, links to your portfolio, or even a recipe). Our app helps eliminate searching through your outbox for info you’ve already sent or waiting until you’re back at your computer to track down links. Using a visual cards and deck system with a simple user interface, you can quickly flip to just what you need and send it again and again via text or email. Features include: - Organize and locate needed info quickly by creating cards of information categorized into decks - Include text, images, and links on cards - Send cards via email or text message - Personalize sending with customized subject lines, greetings, and signatures - Favorite most-used cards for rapid access We hope you enjoy our app, and welcome comments and feedback!