FLIO gives you information about almost all airports around the world. With FLIO you will receive updates in real time about changes, delays, and disruptions on your flight. FLIO also predicts flight delays and the time you will spend in the security check.
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Hi guys! My Name is Andy over at FLIO. It would be great to hear your thoughts on our new Android version. Im here all day to answer any of your questions :)
@watto_andy Congrats! This is a great product. I particularly like the wifi service. It'll save me a lot of frustration. Now I can wait to fly and try it out!
Great work again from the team at FLIO. Love the service they provide and only heard incredible feedback from Android users regarding their app. @jschwanenberg, their Head of Communication, also wrote a neat piece about why she decided to work for FLIO, pointing out the strengths of the service: https://medium.com/@jschwanenber...
Seems like a very cool tool for frequent travellers. How do you keep the information up to date?
@danielkegel we have a content team that regularly updates this, as well as relationships with airports themselves. Look forward to hearing your feedback upon use
What airports do you currently support?
@amyers Hi Aaron, we currently have 900 airports in the app, and over 250 filled with content. You will find that the majority of major hubs are fully complete
Great concept - there's a clear and valuable user need - as a multi-million mile biz travel warrior, it's high time! Great team pedigree here. I'd bet this one will grow and last...
@perryevans thanks Perry, appreciate the feedback