FLIO gives you information about almost all airports around the world. With FLIO you will receive updates in real time about changes, delays, and disruptions on your flight. FLIO also predicts flight delays and the time you will spend in the security check.
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Hi guys, I am one of the co-founders of FLIO. We are a free global airport app that gives you 1 touch wifi access (no sign up forms), discounts on f&b/duty free and hits and tips at airports globally :) Im here with @younghill all day to answer any Q's you may have about our product. Can't wait to hear from you all.
Hey guys, FLIO's product guy here! Excited to get your feedback!
Tried it in Heathrow, the discounts worked perfectly fine, the waiter said he has seen a couple of those vouchers by now. I had to show him the app in more detail and he was wondering where the Android versions is :P
@gekitz glad everything worked smoothly for you. We have a team working on the Android version now and it will be with everyone very soon :)
@watto_andy sounds good, I'm traveling a lot and looking forward how the app evolves to a essential companion.
@watto_andy in for android, i would use this
Great app I'll definitely use when travelling ! @watto_andy can tell you more :)
@bramk great timing. I'm in Kuala Lumpur Airport right now writing this comment. I'm definitely going to give this app a try whilst I've got a 7 hour stopover
@paul_s_kemp Hi Paul, there are a few layover tips in there too. Where are you flying to?
I think the airport guide feature is the real attraction - most airports are unreasonably difficult to navigate. If only the app also had a feature to make people standing move to the right side of the escalator or moving walkway so the rest of us could pass them easily (: