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Choose from dozens of suggested things to do. No sign-up, no filters, no hassle. Just one suggestion at a time. Pick a thing to do and Flinder lists all nearby related places so you can get more information in detail. "Heart" the place and view it again later.

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Hello everyone! Super excited to finally launch version 2 of this iOS app! With Flinder, you can discover fun things to do based on your location, weather conditions and current time. For instance, if you open the app at night it'll give you suggestions to go to a pub, karaoke bar, nightclub etc. If you open it in the afternoon and the weather's kinda sucky it'll recommend activities like visiting a museum, go to the movies, all kind of indoor activities. It'll also show you nearby places related to the activities. I've completely rebuilt to app from scratch in React Native. V1 was built in Cordova/Phonegap which was.. not that great to say the least. Anyways if you decide to give it a go (promo codes available, send me a dm), please let me know what you think! ๐Ÿ‘
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@echlpl like the design of the app from screenshot and idea seems interesting. Can I have a promo code to try it out. Thanks.
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@nilsej Just sent one in your DM's!
@echlpl Hey, this looks great and the idea seems like it'll work. Could I have a promo code to try it out? Thanks!
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@varun90 Sure I'll send one. Check your DM's!

Great app! I especially like the design


Beautiful design

Easy to use


Everything is real-time , canโ€™t search for things to do later that day

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Update: Flinder is now available on Google Play. As always, really looking forward to hearing some feedback so fellow Android users, get it now! (Promo codes available)
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Update: Flinder is now free! Although my plan was never to monetise the app, I thought getting some revenue out of it would be a nice little extra since I've put quite some effort into it. But I feel the app itself isn't "robust" enough for people to actually spend some money on it, so I made it free.
Can I have a promo code to try it out. Thanks.
@haitianwatcher Just sent one. Check your DM's!