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Easy and conveniet tool, congratulations.
@bitrewards Thanks for checking us out!
Hey, ProductHunt! A while back I was looking to do some international travel with my girlfriend (now wife!). I signed up for a bunch of services that said they would send me cheap international flight deals. The problem was that they all sent different deals, and there weren't that many deals sent. FlightTastic is my solution to that problem. It finds more amazing international flight deals than any other service, so you can save more money! It's for flights departing from the USA only for now, but in the future we are planning to expand to other countries. We'd love to hear any feedback you have and I'm happy to answer your questions!
I'd love to have this in Europe... US only at the moment.
@anna_0x We are looking forward to expanding to Europe (and other places!). We'll do a big announcement when its ready to go for non USA airports.
@jwdalton Fantastic! Hope that'll happen sonner than later 😉
Great job !! 😊 waiting for it to have it for India
@ayush_chandra Expanding to India (and other places) is on our roadmap! :)

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Finds many deals that other services miss!


Finds so many good deals that I feel like I am missing out!