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Recently had a conversation with @jnsdls and @OmarAl about how awesome it would be if there was a co-working space in airports across the world... Pay a membership, get actual usable WiFi and all the other benefits.... while watching planes take off, or being delayed 3 hours... etc etc
@bentossell oh yeah! haha, I'd definitely use this if it existed. :)
@bentossell @jnsdls Thanks for the great suggestion! We've actually seen this in a few airports (we'll add this to our categories) and bring it up with airports in our conversations with them.
This past year, I feel like I've been on the road at least once every other week or every third week, so I know the stress of moving in and out of various airports. It's not fun. flightSpeak attempts to ease the stress of navigating various airports during your travel to find shops, food and other amenities to make the experience suck less. :) This product reminds me of @uhrenbacher's Flio ( which was featured by the community this past summer:
@daveambrose totally understood. I have bookmarks for all my regular airports and even printscreens of the terminal map for some.
@daveambrose Thanks for the post Dave! We're listening and watching closely on what parts of the product folks move toward: the social aspect, or the information aspect. That'll help us think about product development and business opptys.
Hi everyone, I’m on the flightSpeak team - we’re working on making airports less stressful and more fun with better information and social connections. Thanks for the listing - looking forward to answering any of your Q’s and getting your feedback.