Free airport parking by renting your car to fellow members

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Used this in SFO 3-4 times and it was always cheaper and super convenient. They shuttle you for free in a town car to their lot of other people's cars. Awesome service.
Basically join their network of "approved" fliers to get free airport parking and a carwash, in exchange for making the car available for other members to rent until they get back. Seems like they've been around for a couple years, curious if anyone here's tried them
@staringispolite I just used them for the first time this week on a trip to SFO. In short, they were amazing. For a similar price to renting a subcompact from Hertz, I got a VW SUV. And their policies are much more fair than typical car rental places (i.e. if you don't fill up gas, charged actual price + $10 instead of $9/gallon like most places). Highly recommended.
Used it twice in SFO. My car wasn't rented, so basically got free parking!
I've been using FlightCar for over a year to rent cars in Boston and San Francisco when I'm in town for a few days. Always excellent vehicles, rock bottom prices, and so much more convenient than the other rental options (black car comes and picks you up as soon as you arrive). I'd love to see them come to more cities!
How was this never posted on here before?! What kind of operation are you running here, @rrhoover.