Flico Seller

Helping YouTube channel owners boost their affiliate sales

Thanks for the hunt folks! Flico Seller is our next new product at Flicksys Inc. We are reinventing the YouTube Affiliate Revenue game altogether. Gone are the days when a Youtube content creator says “check out the link in the description below”. Links have a low visibility due to their textual nature. Our dashboard helps YouTubers sell the same merchandise in a visual way, hence boosting their affiliate sales. Followers now have easy access to their favorite YouTubers official merchandise at the click of a button. Get going with these 3 steps: 1. Sign up using your official YouTube Google account on our dashboard 2. Start creating product cards and add a budget 3. Spread the word “Flico” among your followers Sign up now to get 5000 free credits Insist Y'all to watch our demo here: https://youtu.be/VJvOvFz7HS8
@yash_goyal Hey Yash, do you have any plans on selling subscription to your API?
@dmitriy_dubovik Yes, we do offer our platform as API Subscription. Would love to discuss more on the use case you are wanting to build. Feel free to drop me a mail: yash@flicksys.me
@yash_goyal @dmitriy_dubovik @flicksys Great job with the links))) I, too, join request)) Can give the opportunity to test on our new project?
@konstantin_gavrilenko Would love to discuss the possible synergies. Feel free to drop in a mail at yash@flicksys.me
Interesting idea. What I don't understand is how others will be able to view the card. Do they need to have an extension installed or something? I'm not sure if YouTube allows JavaScript to be embedded. I'll give it a shot though. Updated: okay, I read more and I guess they do need to have something installed. I'm not to sure about it anymore. But will keep an eye on this.
@erickbarron86 Followers do need to have the extension installed (link: get.flico.me) that's all they need to do. We are also working on a mobile app and extensions for other browsers to recreate the same experience.
@yash_goyal That seems like a big ask. What fraction of your YouTuber customers' audience are installing the extension?
@israelvicars We have just launched the product so we are still working on those numbers, but we are also working on more incentives for followers to download our extension and in future our mobile app. Our extension can also be used to scan landmarks, word meanings, and not just merchandise in the videos at real-time. The Idea is to eliminate the effort one takes to find more information which they are curious about while watching videos. This is the value we are providing to their followers.
I get that having YouTube influencers do your marketing for you by promoting your extension sounds like a good idea. I'm not sure if this is also a win for content creators and viewers. Content creators need to take their audience's time and attention away from their brand to market your extension. They will still need to put the links into the description because the large marjority won't install the extension. The extension is also irrelevant for the large number of viewers on mobile. The added value for customers may also be questionable: "Links in the description are too difficult to use. So you have to install an extension to see the links with pictures." I am really curious of how this growth hack will work for you and hope all the best to you.
@janahrend So Jan this is a typical chicken and egg problem. We do need a critical mass for providing value to content creators. 1. The incentive for the content creators is that through Flico Seller they have an opportunity to increase their affiliate revenues. If they were earning say $100 a month and if Flico Seller is able to boost that number to say $120, that is still a hike of 20% and at scale, it is pure magic :D 2. For viewers, this is a one stop solution to get access to exclusive merchandise of their favorite YouTube channel owners. Once a good number of influencers sign up on our platform and start adding products, a viewer would not have to search on endless forums or comments to find what they were looking for. Apart from this, there are even more incentives for followers to download the extension. 3. The same experience can be re-created on the mobile app and we will be launching that soon.
@yash_goyal So this tool targets hardcore followers, maybe <5% (a wild guess) of the audience who is motivated enough to install an extension to be closer to their YouTuber. While a 20% increase in revenue is significant, it also comes to a cost for a content creator: annoying 95% of the audience with irrelevant content. I worked on something in the same space and learned that content creators are extremely picky/have high standards when it comes to their content (surprise). Promoting and installing an extension is kind of a big deal for non-techies. It requires the user to know what an extension is (I know right!), trust the promoter (YouTuber) and the provider (you), it requires a level of technical sophistication that the younger audience may lack, it is limited to a platform and users don't really know what they can expect prior to installing the tool. These are some of the costs of using an extension as a platform. In short, extensions have a relatively low conversion rate. Hence I question whether an extension with all these UX issues is the best path of entry for this target group (millennials) and at this early stage. I assume you want to validate your value proposition "Helping YouTube channel owners boost their affiliate sales". A browser extension is, in my opinion, not 'minimum' enough for a MVP. I would personally consider first building upon the practices that already work and users already rely on: links in the description. I would consider hosting a web version of your seller platform that YTers link to in the description. This solves all the platform issues mentioned above. Once on the page you can still convert users to the extension. I'd choose the path of least resistance to break into a new domain and build on the pre-existing culture.. and go from there. The same for your upcoming mobile app; for a standalone app to pick up you will need to redefine how the YouTube audience consumes content. That's a nobel but huge task. Re-learning how people do things requires either serious capital (i.e. marketing) or a solution that solves a serious problem 10x better. But it seems like you use Fico Seller as a growth hack to boost your Fico browser extension (they are the same extensions or am I mistaken?).. so I kind of get where you are coming form. Just my two cents. All the best to you! I will follow your journey closely :)
@janahrend I must say your feedback is truly valuable to what we are building. The points you have mentioned are completely valid and will work on these to move forward. As far as the browser extension Flico is concerned yes it is the same as Flico Seller but rather than Flico Seller being a growth hack for other modules we intend to use other features as incentives to increase the downloads which will help us generate a large enough critical mass which can then be leveraged to get even bigger content creators, brands etc on board. Sustainability in our platform will be driven mostly by seller module.
Love Flico's extension already, cool to see them expanding and offering more options for content creators!
@troypetrunoff Thanks a lot :)
Very nice idea!
@kevinosuna1989 Thank you Kevin, would love hear more about the product and feedback you have