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Thanks for the hunt folks! Flico is our first product at Flicksys Inc. which aims to fulfil user's curiosity by predicting relevant information from a media. Suppose you are watching a movie and you want to know the location of a certain landmark in the scene, what do you do? Use Flico! It identifies and presents the landmark along with a map, street view and nearby restaurants. Not only that, it can also be used to identify the meaning of unfamiliar words that the user comes across while watching any video. Incredible isn't it? Featured on Google Chrome Store and ProductHunt Ranked #2 on Hatchli's Top 10 best ideas Currently working only on YouTube videos.
I've been using the product since day 1 and its amazing to see how its evolved. I've always wanted to look up the meaning of the word while watching a video (TED talks) but the context switching was so hard - switching tabs.. and this just makes it so easy. Can't wait to use it on other platforms. Oh and I am a big fan of the team :)
@kar2905 Glad to hear your thoughts on flico :)
Simple & works like a charm. Blown away by the landmarks spotting feature!
@saileshsriram Thanks mate, we are glad to hear that :)
Used this product and it makes viewing videos, much more exciting.The landmark feature in particular impressed me the most.Great product! Great Work! Truly adds a new dimension to videos.
@manish_varma Glad you liked our work, means a lot :)
Hey guys I couldn't find a single CTA in the whole page. How do I download it?
@mnlfrgr Apologies. Please find it here at http://get.flico.me