Text comfortably, straight from your wrist ⌚️

FlickType is the keyboard app you’ve always felt was missing from your Apple Watch.

A QWERTY keyboard that's not just bearable, but actually comfortable to type on, for when the situation arises — perhaps more often than you think! 😎

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Hey PH! 👋 As an Apple Watch user, I’ve always thought that Scribble is too slow, Siri doesn’t always work, and canned replies feel… canned. I asked myself, could I make a QWERTY keyboard that's not just bearable, but actually comfortable to type on? My solution uses two simple flick gestures and a unique correction algorithm. It's surprisingly comfortable and almost feels like you're typing on your phone with one hand! So you can now reply to messages straight from your wrist when the situation arises — perhaps it will be more often than you think. To reply, simply open the FlickType app, type your message and press firmly on the screen for the "Send" option. Support for more apps is coming soon. Best of all, it's completely FREE! But if you love it so much, there's also a paid version that you can use on your iPhone 😃 I'll be around all day eagerly awaiting your feedback and answering all your questions! - Kosta
I'm getting some errors when trying to add some links, so here they are in a comment: 📖 https://appadvice.com/post/flick... 📖 https://www.idownloadblog.com/20... 📖 https://www.reddit.com/r/AppleWa... Thanks for reading! - Kosta
Finally! Texting on my Apple Watch that is actually fast and effortless. When a canned reply just won't do, this is the best option for me. And the autocorrect is fantastic! FlickType is amazing for quick, personal replies when my phone isn't already in my hand 😎
Thank you @brandon_hall, glad you like it!

Super convenient when you are lazy to reach out to your phone just few feets away. Gestures are pretty intuitive.


Very easy to use and pretty intuitive once you get it. Easy to reply back when I am lazy to reach out to my phone and type.



Great job!! 😊 one thing I noticed in the video was that when typing it shows like passwords, could you explain if there is an typo then how the person is going to know in case of travelling or meeting what he has typed though you will get to know the whole word, but I didn’t find •••) useful
Thank you @ayush_chandra, really appreciate the feedback and question! The idea and design decision behind FlickType is that you shouldn't have to worry about touching the "wrong" letter, but rather keep typing all letters of a word and trust that the system will guess it correctly when you space. In my opinion, showing you the exact letters you touched would make you feel like you need to be way more accurate than what is necessary given the unique autocorrection algorithm, and would almost defeat the point / level of comfort that we are going for. Additionally, changing or deleting the entire word is trivially done with a flick down or flick left respectively, so even if you "messed up" you can immediately try again anyway :) There's also a setting in the "Watch" app on your phone that will show letters as you type, but it might not be what you're looking for. With the "Live suggestions" setting enabled, FlickType will show you what current top guess is if you were to space, and in my testing I also found that more confusing than helpful, but perhaps it will be different for others. There's a whole lot to consider when trying to squeeze down a full keyboard onto the watch form factor, and this is only the very first iteration. Many more improvements are planned in the upcoming updates, so stay tuned! - Kosta
@keleftheriou Got it !! Thanks!! Any plans for making it for fitness bands where we can even text using flick type. Wanted to know about the iOS app could we have a free one too
@keleftheriou For the iPhone !! This should be useful for iPhone users too where we can type fast too
@ayush_chandra I'm a solo developer right now, so my sole focus is on the Apple platforms, but perhaps in the future FlickType could be ported over to other devices too. If you want to get the iOS app for free as well, you can do so by joining our TestFlight beta, but please don't tell anyone 😉 https://testflight.apple.com/joi... - Kosta
@keleftheriou thanks will I be able to use it with Out Apple Watch as I don’t have one. Don’t worry your app is secured😊