Flickr for mobile 4.0

Upload, access, organize, edit, and share your photos

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Got an early demo of this and the focus seemed to definitely be on photo management, which I don't think anyone's done really well. It's a beautiful app. Should be interesting to see if the market likes it, as I think that'll determine how much autonomy the Flickr team maintains going forward.
Notable updates: - Auto upload setting (competing with Dropbox/Carousel, Apple, Google, etc in an attempt to become the cloud storage for all your mobile photos) - Timeline view of your photos (like Apple Photos and Carousel) - Share to Instagram (no longer forcing you to keep your photos within Flickr) Overall I like the new design. They did pack a ton into this app, probably too much (do I really need to search all of Flickr from mobile, maybe?). Creation is still not a priority, it's more about managing your photos. Doesn't seem like Flickr cares to be your go-to camera app. If they get enough users to turn on auto-upload, maybe they don't need that. Their goal seems to be to replace your photo album app rather than the camera. Android App:
Finally they give up on the Photostream idea and let me just view my photos in chronological order. I've been using Picturelife for this until came along. 1TB for free might get me back into Flickr again.