Tag and rank the best videos on the web (Reddit for Youtube)

Unless you know specifically what you're looking for, finding great Youtube creators is difficult. With flickbin, you can post and upvote the videos you like. Every couple of minutes within each tag, videos are ordered based on popularity. You can also add your own tag. Flickbin is all about building a community around the creators you love.

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Hey everyone, thanks for checkout out my project. I built this app because I am passionate about the Youtube community but simply couldn't find great recommendations for videos to watch. I wanted to really engage with a community who had the same interests that I did but I found the experience lacking on Youtube, so I built it! I really hope you enjoy it. It's in the alpha stage right now, so If you find any bugs or issues, I would love your feedback!
very cool!
@trazor_world thanks so much!

I like to support new projects and support new ideas!


convenient service with no extra functionality you are usually do not use.


no cons so far