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Thanks @bramk for hunting us! We are really excited to share FLI Charge with everyone. I’m Cliff, the President of FLI Charge. Along with the rest of my team, I think plugging in should be a thing of the past. Our smartphones and other gadgets are constantly evolving but the way we charge them feels prehistoric in comparison. It seems like every week there’s another backup battery or charging cable that helps get us out of a bind but doesn’t address the problem head on. FLI Charge is wireless charging done right. Our CONDUCTIVE technology is easy to use and as fast as plugging in, making staying at 100% a natural part of your daily routine. Our products are elegantly designed and fit seamlessly into your home or office. We launched our consumer product line on Indiegogo two weeks ago and exceeded our 30-day funding goal in just over 24 hours! We’re big fans of Product Hunt and are happy to offer an exclusive discount to all of you hunters. The link below will take you to a secret perk where you can get in on the Super Early Bird pricing, even though it was closed out last week. https://www.indiegogo.com/projec... My team and I will be here to answer any questions you may have all day. Ask away! Thanks again for your support!
@cliff_weinstein Looks cool, but the Achilles heal to it all is that by the time this ships a new iPhone will be out and likely will require a new case. For that reason alone I'm more inclined to wait. Cool product and best of luck.
@jimgoldstein Totally understand. If you are planning to upgrade to the 7 then we will have a case for you shortly after the release and hopefully you will continue to follow our progress.
for me personally, the hurdle in 3rd party wireless charging isn't the ones mentioned in the video, but the fact that it requires an ugly case (let's be honest, nobody ever looked at a black external battery-esque case and said, whoah, that looks nice!). Would it be possible for a future version to have a more minimal design that could work in conjunction with 3rd party cases? the same solve could also make 1 design work for all phones.
@wuss I see where you are coming from. However our cases are protective and functional with a lower profile and much lighter than nearly all back up battery cases. We have plans for customization and constantly looking to reduce any excess bulk if possible. There are also modular concepts we are exploring with potential partners for a single design approach as well. The very slight bulk is a minor trade off given the convenience, efficiency and ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously, in our opinion.
@wuss this, this, a hundred times this. whenever I see wireless charging, I know a big case is not far behind. if product makers could figure out a way for it to not be case-dependent, and rather, have an option for a back-of-the-phone-mountable receiver, then I'd be much more likely to consider it. plus, then I wouldn't need to get a new one if the phone changes.
Looks good... BUT wireless charging will be fundamentally broken until you no longer need cases for your phone. Just like electric cars will take off when you will be able to replace the battery in the same way and time you do it in your flashlight. I think Technovator XE is a step in that direction.
@ramtorn Our research suggests that ~80% of people have cases to protect their devices. We think cases should be protective and functional. The existing limitations of other wireless technologies often outweigh the benefits. Radiation concerns, positions constraints, efficiency, wattage limitations and regulatory hurdles have and will continue to hold back "power from a distance." There are lots of companies and competing technologies out there. We believe our approach is unique and our features/competitive advantages will prove to be desirable. We also don't think wireless charging and power is a winner takes all market. We do think that consumers want one system or solution to charge all of their devices.
I saw this on Indiegogo and had a question! Do i keep the wireless charger plugged in while charging my phone? or can i use it standalone anywhere i want?
@stefamini The charging pad (FLIway 40) is plugged into the wall outlet. In development currently is a portable "cradle" pad with a battery built in for travel or emergency situations. I have the pads on both sides of my bed, kitchen, living room, office desk and conference room, that may be overkill, but I haven't plugged my phone in for nearly a year and my other devices are always charged.
@cliff_weinstein ok cool! thanks for the info! :)
Cool product, how's about the Apple Watch and Android Gear?
@djngoma Our product line includes phone cases for apple and samsung phones as well as universal solutions called the cube and coin. The cube handles all things USB up to 2.4A and the coin is micro USB/Lightning for lower power devices up to 1A. The Apple Watch and Android products can all be powered and charged using the cube/coin. Apple watch and Android devices that have wireless charging are using magnetic or inductive technologies. FLI Charge is conductive which enables us to produce high power 40-1000+ watts. This enables multiple devices charging simultaneously at the same speed as the wall outlet. Hope that helps.