The ultimate tripod for shooting photographs.

You want your photos to be perfect. With FlexTripod it will be easier than ever to shoot photos from any possible angle.
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@rrhoover is there any rules regarding dropshipping? More and more coming in here... Not meaning to start a debate on the merits of dropshipping but I don't think it should be an acceptable use of PH. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/...
@thatmattgardner Interesting question you raise. I have two conflicting opinions on this one - 1. I want to know what is out there and if somebody has gone through the trouble of getting the product and identified it as quality (may or may not be the case here), then I say it should go through. 2. Product Hunt should be synonymous with some level of blood, sweat and tears. If somebody posted an MLM on Product Hunt, I would be hundred percent for not allowing. Dropshipping is one inch away from MLM in this case (also nothing against MLM) I think he litmus test is. Will the creator of this Product Hunt be willing to jump into the conversation and back up why this product is on Product Hunt.
this is the worst tripod I ever had ... but at 2$ from Aliexpress it's ok...
Won this tripod as a prize at Dave & Buster's in Hollywood. Seriously didn't expect much. Its been my most favorite tripod to date. I use it to record Youtube videos with camera standing on the desk. Will definitely buy another once needed.
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