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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆 ko-fi.com/chris
This is such a hard nut to crack — it's really a red herring problem. It isn't the business card that's the problem, it's effectively staying in touch with people, and retaining the context in which you originally found the person interesting (I write where I met someone and why they're interesting on their business cards). This was tackled by Human co-founder @renn with My Name is E which was trying to do NFC business cards way back in 2010. There was also CardMunch (acquired and shut down by LinkedIn and resurrected in Evernote), but then split off again in Evernote Scannable. Humin is taking another approach, as well as FullContact... and who can forget Plaxo...? ugh, the list goes on. I'm curious what network effects Flextown will employ to find success where others have stumbled...
Mikkel VagnCEO, Flier
Thank you so much for your comments. The situation when you are meeting new people and handing them your business card can be improved leading to better business for you. Remember that it is the habit allowing you to handle a little bit of yourself and your company and people are actually asking for it and don't see it as advertising. It is really not about the exchange of contact information itself. Flextown is about leaving more than just that. You can create different cards for different situations and show videos, documents etc. Launching a product? Hiring? Create specific cards for these situations. At the same time Flextown is tracking and segmenting the people you meet as our advanced contact collection system will automatically create a client contact every time you share your business card. These generated contacts can be exported to the CRM systems of your choice. Download the Flextown app for iOS or Android to try it out right away.
John Murch
I was always sad about Hashable and every hopefully someone solves this problem. BTW I have been using https://www.camcard.com/ and amazed at how they can scan/OC read the data and convert.
Jesse Middleton
VC @Flybridge. Co-founder @WeWorkLabs.
Neat idea. Reminds of what Hashable tried to do a couple of years ago. Fun video describes the product.
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