Unlimited Data Roaming at over 200 Countries.

This is pretty misleading—there is no data included in this product whatsoever. It only covers phone calls. In their FAQ: Is data roaming included in my FlexiRoam plan? Data roaming is not included in the package. Please check with your respective overseas SIM card company for best data plans or rates available. EDIT: I take that somewhat back. The product listed here isn't their data SIM, it's available at http://www.flexiroam.com/buzz/. EDIT2: You can only get this thing in Malaysia and Singapore. In THAT FAQ: Where can I get the BUZZ SIM? The BUZZ SIM is available at all our airport kiosks (KLIA, Subang Skypark Terminal, LCCT) and online via shipping to Malaysia and Singapore only.
The SIM card can be used in multiple countries over a certain time period. Thus far, Flexiroam has inked partnerships with about 580 telcos around the world so that no matter which country you go to, you will always be able to access the local networks for data and voice calls.