Connect remote USB devices via Internet or LAN

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Doriss Lane
Doriss LaneMaker@dorisslane · Eltima Software
Hi, everyone! I am Doris from Eltima Software and I want to introduce you our revolutionary tool to share and access USB and COM ports over the network - FlexiHub. No hardware needed - just your computer and the Internet connection. How does it work? You may share your local devices and access remote one over the Network (Wireless, IP, etc.). All connected devices are available in your FlexiHub account. What do you need for the start? To start manage all your remote devices you just need to sign up and download FlexiHub. That's it! In a single account, all USB or COM devices are available from any spot of the world! What else can I get? - FlexiHub lets you work with USB and COM ports in RDP session and in a virtual environment. - You can lock the devices, which you don't want to share. Connect and disconnect devices easily from the remote side. - FlexiHub deploys advanced security for communications — 256-bit SSL encryption. It enables an extra layer of protection for data transfer, as well. Try it now! You may try FlexiHub Professional subscription during 14 days after signup. Create an account by the link https://flexihub.eltima.com/user... and download the app on your computer. After that you should sign in with your credentials in the app and start manage the devices. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact our Support Team support@eltima.com. And, of course, I am ready to answer your questions in comments below. ;)
Dillon@dlnrb · Co-founder, Paperspace
@dorisslane @eltima We have found that FlexiHub works great with Paperspace (www.paperspace.com) especially for connecting specialty/high-end printers to your computer in the cloud. Keep up the good work :)
Doriss Lane
Doriss LaneMaker@dorisslane · Eltima Software
@dlnrb Thanks for your attention to FlexiHub. I am happy to know that our software helps in your everyday work. :)
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