Change brightness by time of day

Is your icon basically the Sunrise app icon with added rays? Because it looks exactly like it. Sunrise app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
@j_ceniza haha, you're right, they look similar... but no... :)
@j_ceniza haha, same thought
Hey ProductHunt. Thanks for taking a look. Did you know that night-time exposure to blue light keeps people up late? Did you know that exposure to bright light or straining to see in dim light can also cause eye fatigue? What really separates FlexBright from anything else on the market is the "Smart Eye Strain Calculator". FlexBright will continuously monitor your exposure to blue light from your device and prompt you to change brightness if high eyestrain is detected. The smart calculator monitors the time you spend on your mobile device, your device brightness, time of day, surrounds lights, etc. and calculates an "eye strain" coefficient. You will get prompted if high eye strain is detected. It also asks you to do a couple of eye exercises to relief your eye strain. The app will also allows you to automatically adjust the brightness of your screen based on time of the day to reduce eye fatigue and limit exposure to blue light before you go to bed. App Features: - Smart eye strain calculator to monitor exposure to blue light. - Prompt you if high blue light exposure is detected before bedtime. - Provide warning and exercises to rest your eyes when high strain is detected throughout the day. - Set daytime brightness and nighttime brightness for your device - App will determine your local sunrise and sunset times to use for day and night brightness if you like - App will record your device brightness for 24 hours and present it in beautiful and dynamic bar chart. Let us know what you think. Happy to answer any questions.