Flexbox Grid

Grid based on CSS3 flexbox

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Humbling to have this make it on PH. Happy that people have found it useful. Of course there is the associated OSS guilt, but I am ok with that, if it introduced anyone to the possibilities of `display:flex`. Thanks for the upvotes πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Thanks for introducing me to the align-items property! I've been using vertical-align all this time when I could have just used align-items instead.
Been looking for something like this. I like that it is not a framework, that way it leaves up styling of elements to me. Thanks for this!
@armi2n it is a grid, mate. A framework is just a package of base modules and "always" leaves styling up to its user. If you do not know that you do something essentially wrong. A framework is never forcing styling.
@andmitsch Since CSS is an amalgamation of layout, spacing, decoration, animation etc. it is definitely a conscious effort for library / module / framework authors to not impose any of those on an end user. Thanks @armi2n for recognizing this, happy to know it helped. :)
This is wonderful! Excited to play around with it
really really nice this!