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Hi guys, thanks for checking out Flex - we aim to be Twitch for fitness and home workouts. Today we're live streaming a number of workouts so you can get a feel for what it would be like to use the platform. Schedule (GMT): 0900 - 1000: Yoga 1000 - 1100: High intensity bootcamp 1300 - 1400: High intensity bootcamp 1430 - 1515: Zumba 1600 - 1700: Belly dancing I'll do my very best to answer any and all of your questions but the honest truth is that this is one big experiment, we're taking a very emergent strategy in discovering what a community-driven live streaming fitness platform actually looks like. I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions! - What do you value about the way you workout at the moment? What features would pique your interest? Would you use this? Our thoughts so far: There's no replacement for the true experience of attending a fitness class/group workout, but we can bring some of the factors that make them so appealing to the home workout experience for those that feel more comfortable working out at home/for whom it's more convenient to workout at home etc. Home fitness content was distributed on VHS, then DVD and now on-demand. The next step is live streaming. This will allow for a more immersive experience between trainer and participants as you share a unique experience, right then and there in the moment. The visibility of others working out along side you (through inviting others, social streams, chat before, after and during cool-down periods etc.) will drive you forward in a way that watching content alone potentially didn't. Integration with wearable fitness tech helps this by showing everyone's heart rates on the the screen/how many calories they've burned etc. Gamification through leaderboards and achievements will foster an attitude of healthy competition that will also provide drive and motivation. And finally, the global community will mean access to world-class trainers you potentially wouldn't have access to if you were limited to those in your area. Ultimately we're trying to tap into the experience of feeling part of something bigger yourself - surrounded by people without being surrounded by people. Motivation through community and experience. Wish us luck!
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@elliottjperry ok, so are you partnering with @FITBIT (OPEN API) in #1 in WearableTech Sales> https://www.fitbit.com/partnership > https://gfycat.com/ShockingRevol...
I'll start stretching because I LOVE the idea of this! πŸ’ͺ
@as_austin Belly dancing up next Austin! ;)
@as_austin your gif are always amazing
@ltroisi75 Hahah thank you! It's one of my natural languages!
I'm having a "can't believe I didn't think of this" moment. Great idea!
@francofacioni Thank you Franco! :)
I like this. I always wondered why I need to, physically, go to my spinning class and not just video dial in with my tacx in the living room
@rikvandonselaar Thanks Rik! Exactly, so if you can't make it to a class for some reason then this is where we come in. Obviously we aren't trying to replace classes, but just make it more accessible to people who might not be able to get to a class for some reason! We think that the interaction of a live event make this more engaging and motivating than just watching videos on Youtube for example.
So you're taking something like Peleton but applying it to group fitness classes and without the need of an expensive cycle?
@surheeho Good summary Serg! I think the fundamental difference with our platform is that the trainers are not restricted to those in-house. No doubt we'll provide some to begin with but ultimately we want the community to take over. We sampled 50 random indie fitness channels from YouTube and collectively they had 8 billion views - it's those community fitness influencers that we want to tap into :)