Fleet X

Car rental management software

Fleet X is a car rental management software. Manage rentals, reservations, services and customers.

Fleet X has a "Smart Reorganiser" feature which resolves reservation conflicts automatically.

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I am curious what is the parent name of this company? And wonder if there are any videos that show how this software works?
@fornerdan Hi! First of all thank you for your questions. We just kicked off recently and our documentation is under development. We are currently working on walk through videos which discover the whole application. We will announce them as soon as they are ready. 😄
I'm curious who your customers would be for software like this?
@quharrison Hi! Very good question! Our main goal is to provide complex solution for companies who lease/lend any types of vehicles to manage their business. Besides this app can be a good choice for any other companies who has a fleet and wants to track its administration.
Do you plan to offer some kind of reports like for example rentability per car? Do you integrate any software that offers the possibility for the client to book a vehicle directly without interacting with an agent?
@mirceariccifaca Hi! Your points are absolutely great! We have exactly these plans for the future (amongst many others 😄 ). Some basic statistics are available now like complete car/service history but we are working on a Reports page where the users can see key metrics in charts or diagrams. It's a mid term goal of us to extend the app capabilities to provide it not just to our customers but directly to the customers of our customers to make the rental process more fluent and smooth.
How can this get 432 upvotes, how many car rental owners are hanging out here? Most probably it's a great but but very very niche product.
The software is unique, hence the votes. I work for a major OEM and I scout tech here. So there’s that.