Fleet (Night)

Late night shuttle service, making Caltrain 24/7

OMG. I needed this last weekend!
There's a company in Cambridge called Bridj (http://www.bridj.com/) doing something similar. I like to think of it as privatized mass transit. They call it pop-up mass transit.
I would have killed for this when I lived in MV. Caltrain ends at midnight, which really ruins your Friday or Saturday night. I feel like their prices are too low (same cost as Caltrain) -- but if they can pull this off, it's an amazing service.
There are a couple other newer Bay Area commuting options that have popped up on Product Hunt recently: - Tomo - Uber for long commutes. Door-to-door for $7.50 - Chariot - Subscription Commuter Bus Service in SF - Leap Transit - New (limited) shuttle service for San Francisco commuters - Sidecar Shared Rides - Sidecar offers "Shared Rides" Interesting trend.
@rrhoover As someone who lives in the south bay, but prefers SF nightlife, all of this excites me.
This is amazing - just like Turkey's dolmus or Russia's marshrutkas. I've wanted this to exist in the Bay Area for years.