Fleep Teams

Teams let you communicate within and across organizations.

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Hi everyone! I'm one of the people behind Fleep Teams. Excited to launch on Product Hunt today! We built Fleep Teams to help people communicate within _and_ across teams. You may be thinking, "why would we need yet another messaging app?" - - here's what makes Fleep stand out from the crowd of Slack, Hipchat, Front, etc: - An open network, *not* a walled garden - create Fleep Teams that span across organizational borders, chat with anyone who is a Fleep user (whilst competition allows messaging only within the team or organization). Perfect for any project-based communication that involves people from different companies, for example. - Interoperates with email - you can add email participants to Fleep conversations. They will receive all messages as emails (until they sign up), and their replies via email flow right into the Fleep chat. We also have been mindful in optimizing for focus and preventing 'team chat fatigue' as much as possible. As such, Fleep has been designed to give the power to the receiver, and not sender: push notifications only for the first unread message per conversation, the ability to mute conversations, no online/offline indicators - but instead, we have writing indicators, seen-by indicators, and 'last seen' info. Give it a star if you like it! We'd also love to hear your feedback and questions.
We've been using Fleep at Sameroom for almost a year. We use most other services as well, either as backup or for customer support (e.g. Slack with Drift). Fleep has the best approach to presence of any team chat service available today, by far — after using Fleep, working in other apps feels a little empty/lonely. Mobile apps are fast and stable. The new teams feature is great, looking forward to team label mentions ;)
@abs absolutely agree with Andrei here. The presence feature is a deal breaker. Fleep makes a vital tool for our team.