Team communication from a team of Ex-Skypers

  • Timo Haukilahti
    Timo HaukilahtiEntrepreneur, Consultant

    Fleep keeps "old school" participants in discussion via the email integration.



    It has everything that is needed. What makes it clearly the best possible solution and my favourite is the fact that in almost every project group there is one or two "luddites" that are almost impossible to persuade to make an account in a new application. Fleep keeps them connected via their emails. By time they often make accounts and join the others.

    Timo Haukilahti has used this product for one year.
  • Nicola Rosenthal
    Nicola RosenthalCMO, Fleep Technologies

    Flexible messenger that integrates with email and lets you use it as a task or to-do list


    Not enough users

    Great simple reliable and persistent messaging tool, not as distracting as various others on the market

    Nicola Rosenthal has used this product for one year.
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Arnaud Budkiewicz
Arnaud Budkiewicz@arnaudbud · Director @Symphony, Founder RTC.news
Check out Fleep 2.0, "Your own business messenger." I really like how they built the bridge with email: "Fleep is the only messenger that works in perfect synergy with email. Your Fleep ID is email compatible so you can use it to send messages to external email accounts and receive them back in Fleep. Your email-using contacts will see your Fleep ID as a standard email address, and will not need to sign up or register for Fleep to receive your messages. It’s that easy."
Johannes Kanter
Johannes Kanter@johanneskanter · Marketeer, Fleep
Email is still most commonly used for starting any kind of business communication, and often for continued conversations. Most people can’t fully benefit from modern team messaging apps (like HipChat, Slack or Glip) because these tools don’t support communication across organizational borders - as people often cooperate or communicate with people outside of their organization, people continue to use email for external communication. For example, let's say Julie from Marketing wants to have a conversation about a new ad campaign for her company. Typically, she would have a conversation with her colleagues in her team messenger and another conversation with the ad agency over email. This could get rather messy and it would be increasingly difficult to make sure everyone's on the same page. Fleep solves that and merges these two conversations together. In Fleep you can chat with your team, partners and clients. If some of them are not Fleep users yet, you can include them in the conversation with their email address and they will receive all the messages and files as normal emails.
Andrei Soroker
Andrei Soroker@abs · Founder, Sameroom.io
We've been using Fleep heavily at Sameroom.io. There's plenty to room for growth, but it's a solid product. The iOS app is probably the best in class in terms of stability, speed, and responsiveness. It's missing a lot of integrations we're used to (Stripe, everything from IFTTT), so we connect those to Slack and pipe them to Fleep via Sameroom.
Andrei Soroker
Andrei Soroker@abs · Founder, Sameroom.io
Fleep also has best-in-class presence indication (as read receipts), although I think with 2.0 it actually got a little worse than before.
James Mundy
James MundyHunter@_jamesmundy · Building interesting things with code
Too many teams in the title, and there are too many team collaboration tools but this looks great and has just been rolled out onto more platforms.
Brent Chow
Brent ChowHiring@hellobrent · Co-Founder at Svrf
I wish the video was at the top of your page. I was lucky to find the CTA button for it. But it didn't catch my eye until the second time I visited the homepage. Interesting and cool solution. Good luck!