Win your fantasy hockey league

Fleeced makes it easy to evaluate fantasy hockey trades and fleece the competition. Feel confident when proposing and accepting fantasy hockey trades.

– Plug in your league's scoring stats: Points-only, banger, or head-to-head –Fleeced has you covered

– Keep an eye on the NHL's top performers.

– Track top goaltenders and see their GAA, save %.

Hey @ryanlanglois, What made you want to build this app?
@ryanlanglois @jacqvon Quoting Ryan: "Earlier this year I was offered a trade and was trying to compare the two sides by looking at stats in spreadsheets. I wanted an easy way to gut-check my trades and pickups at a glance, and that's how Fleeced was born."
I certainly could have used something like this last season...hoping for an android release before October.
@deec_nj It's on its way! Should be ready for android before draft season.
@warren cool. Not that I don't believe you, but the guys at LWL said their app would be out on Android in January. Just tempering my expectations, would love to be a beta tester if needed.
@warren @deec_nj Hi Dan, I'm the creator of Fleeced and I can confirm that an updated version for both iOS and Android is in the works! Stay tuned :)