Flavor God Seasoning

Amazing freshly-ground, locally-sourced, low salt seasonings

Perhaps not the most common hunt - but these products have literally stepped my culinary game way, way up. Flavor God, or Chris and his small team, prepare their seasoning blends using high quality, locally sourced ingredients and they won't make YOUR order until it's placed. They're not available anywhere but his site, and he's really blown up this past year. Their customer service is exceptional, and they really love their customers. Flavor God seasonings ship worldwide and shipping on their combo pack (best deal @ $27.99 IMO) is free within the US. You can layer the seasoning as you make meals, and they're also great sprinkled on top of food. Gluten-free & paleo friendly. Highly recommend. Check out his instagram accounts for some serious food porn too.
good branding. But you can get Trader Joe's great seasoning (which rather than being low salt, has NO salt) for just $1.99: http://www.traderjoes.com/fearle...
@_jacksmith Believe me when I say that seasoning isn't really comparable.
@stttories what do you mean?
Tori weren't you having some shipping issues with them? Did they make that right?
@zacbdct I was! They sent me an extra combo pack free of charge, which I passed along to my parents to encourage they cook more. :) That's why I gave the customer service a nod, they definitely made an effort.