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#5 Product of the DayJune 10, 2014
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I've been a customer since their first pack. What I love about Flaviar is that I get to taste so many different flavors and learn a lot about the different spirits in the process. It is always fun to have a group of friends over for a tasting session and the packs make for great gifts.
Also, I'm seeing a recurring, "spirited" theme on Product Hunt. :) Here are a few more alcohol-related hunts: - Shaken Cocktails - A monthly pack of cocktail ingredients, delivered - Bevvy - Catalog of cocktails, spirits, and beers - Github for Drinks - Julibox - Curated, artisan cocktails delivered to your door - Drync - Discover & buy wines you love for delivery to your doorstep - Brewbot - The world's smartest personal brewery
Hey, @matijarijavec! The landing page is a little sparse before logging in. Do you also sell spirits through the site?
@rrhoover we have tasting packs ( http://flaviar.com/tasting-packs ) and bottles.
I'm a big fan of Flaviar. I've had a couple of kits from them and they're very good. Made some *weird* cocktails with the collection of Grappa that they sent out last year.