A simple screenshot reporting tool for PR & social agencies.

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Looks great! But I think starting at $50/mo is a little steep for a screenshot tool, even though it looks very convenient. I used Droplr all the time when they where in beta, used it for a year, and then quit when we where forced to pay for a full year after the first. So... Any chance you'll be adding a "lite" version?
@preben_frenning Thanks :) We feel that $5/client is a fair price based the increase in ROI we predict our customers will get, but we're still considering the minimum 10 clients approach. We're also going to be bringing out a personal version later in the year for individuals not for agencies. If you sign up to the waiting list and free trial, we'd love to chat more once you've given it a go.
@n_chalmers I completely agree $5/client is fair! But then I think it would be better to let people try it for a client or two first. I'm personally a "small agency" (as in, me alone) and could really see me benefit from using it for a client or two, but $50/mo minimum is a big commitment. (Even if I eventually would end up with using it for 10 clients, I most likely won't even try it knowing I'll have to pay that much after the trial. ) Just saying this to let you know my exact thoughts as a potential customer =) The product looks awesome, and I'll sign up for the waiting list and trial now.
@preben_frenning Definitely. Really appreciate the feedback :) We'll drop you an email once the trial's begun and work something out with you if you find it useful.
@preben_frenning I'm excited to tell you that Flaunt is ready for you to use! To get started, check your inbox for an email with the subject "the wait is over" and follow the simple steps to set up your account. I would love to know what you think of it once you've had a play. Nicole :)
I agree that this is quite expensive, but the $50/mo does cover 10 clients, so perhaps that makes it worth it, as 10 clients worth of reporting should give you a decent ROI over the cost of this product.
@theashtube Thanks! I wonder if we should change the pricing so it's clearer that it's $5/month, rather than $50 starting price. Hope you sign up and we'd love to chat to you more when you've given it a go. :)
I use Lightshot for making screenshots with notes and send them via Slack. Easy & Free.
@lisadziuba Hi Lisa. Thanks for the comment. I imagine with Lightshot that you're still going to be losing quite a lot of valuable time creating the end-of-month reports for your clients in PowerPoint or Similar. The key USP of Flaunt is that we turn all of those screenshots into a report for you, instantly at the end of the month, saving you a huge amount of time and effort, and giving you a sexy end-product to send to your customer. We'd love to have you on the trial to give it a go if you like it.
@n_chalmers what is it that they'd need to get reports on? how many notes they made?
@thejeremycarson Hey Jeremy. Flaunt creates reports using the screenshots you’ve captured. We found most agencies were taking screenshots of wins and metrics but were spending hours compiling reports for each client so Flaunt does this bit for you!
When is the launch? Why am I being sent to a signup form, instead of trying the product? The landing page looks great, but I want to actually try the product.
@dredurr Hey Deandre. Glad you like the landing page! :) We've stopped taking new customers for a few days, while we ensure that everyone who's signed up over the last few days has a great experience. We'd love to have you using it ASAP so please sign up to the waiting list and I'll make sure you're in the next batch of invites :)