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Just saw this announcement and its intriguing - reminds me of something Blendle is doing with publishing From their site For the first time since the invention of the internet, you can let your browser pay for the content you love. Flattr Plus will make sure that your money will go directly to your favorite journalists, bloggers, artists. Speaking completely honestly... I want no ads and to not pay and still get the content I want. No matter how much of a nice, generous person I may (or may not) be. The model is interesting though and I wonder how it will pick up I really think I would pay to not have to bump into annoying ads anywhere - currently using AdBlock Plus but doesn't always work when sites stop you. (Flattr have teamed up with AdBlock Plus) However, saying I'd pay is different from actually paying. I think it would have to be a really small amount a month. Hopefully @bonq will jump in to talk about this announcement and mayyyybe if we are lucky enough, get special early access to this :)
Turnoff: went to website, watched video..... and it had absolutely NO information about the actual product.
@zefareu yeh I think the whole 'friend of the internet' thing could have been done a lot quicker and then actually get to the workings of the product
"Flattr Plus does the math You set your budget for great web content. Our smart algorithm automatically distributes the right amounts to the right sites. You don’t have to worry about a thing." Don't quite like this statement... the word "smart" it's a bit overrated in this time. I'd like to decide something about it... BTW: I use uBlock Origin for ads block