Flatlogic Dashboards

Admin dashboard templates built with Vue, React and Angular

Flatlogic Dashboards is a collection of premium and free admin dashboard templates built with Angular, React, Vue and Bootstrap. Using those templates you can build web applications, SAAS and E-Commerce platforms faster and save around $30,000!

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Hi ProductHunt! Thanks for the hunt @micrum ! I am the CEO of Flatlogic and I will be happy to show you what we have created there. Well, yes, indeed. Using web application templates on average saves you around 300-500 man-hours, which otherwise would convert to around $30,000 of development costs. We have been working in this niche for already 5 years and have gained a lot of expertise. This expertise comes down to only few key ingredients of a successful admin dashboard template. So our templates are: 1. Design oriented. We are creating our templates UX/UI first, since we understand that people are going to spend a lot of time using them; 2. Built and synced with recent versions of popular front-end frameworks like Angular, React and Vue; 3. Feature and components rich. There are hundreds and will be even more pages for various use cases; 4. Equipped with lifetime support and updates from our team. We understand that our idea and implementation may not perfect from the beginning, so we are open to all feedback from you! This is why we are eagerly waiting for your comments, five stars and reviews. Thank you! P.S. If you want to learn more about our story you can checkout this post https://flatlogic.com/blog/from-...
@okendoken I`ve just check it! Nice job, guys! My best wishes!
Awesome collection, @okendoken !
@maxim_leonovich thank you! We are struggling a lot!
It's a real time saver for developers! Plus, the dashboards look so clean and simple. Like it!
@irina_peregud Thank you for your feedback!
Tired of spending hundreds of hours developing web applications from scratch? These guys from Flatlogic have a bunch of admin dashboard templates built with React, Vue and Angular frameworks. They claim to save hundreds of hours of coding
@micrum worked with the guys - they're really good