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Nice find, Jason. The Noun Project is another good resource. It's paid but cheap. On a related note, I'd like to use a more applicable icon than the green "verified" checkmark to represent founders/product builders. Suggestions?
I looked at this stuff briefly, from what I could see the quality was a bit higher than The Noun Project. I dig TNP's mission, but a ton of their icons look pretty slapdash. The Photoshop plugin here looks awesome as well.
https://www.iconfinder.com is also a good source, you can filter paid/premium and they have a pretty decent range too. @rrhoover how about a more 'certified' style icon like https://www.iconfinder.com/icons...
Oh I see what you mean now @rrhoover you meant verified as in 'the founder is in the thread'? You could do with a person + tick icon, http://bit.ly/1kXqlri is nice but is a bit too gender specific, unless you wanted to be fancy and also use http://bit.ly/1ii4dc0