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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 10, 2019

FlatPyramid is your crowd sourced marketplace for the buying and selling of 3d model files that are used in several 3D applications across a wide range of industries. Such as; Gaming, Advertising and Marketing, Film, TV and Media, Architecture and Design, Product Development, AR & VR, 3D Printing, etc.

Stock and Custom 3D models are available.

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It seems strange to do this kind of product in a market dominated by TurboSquid, CG Trader, Unity Asset Store and Sketchfab Store . After poking around the site, it doesn't bring anything new to the table either. One of the hardest things with these type of services is you have no idea how good the quality of the models is, and the models "fitness for purpose" in whatever your building. The amount of models I've bought only to discover their not really usable, or they've got rough edges that require hours of work to correct, makes me very hesitant to drop another $100 on a model. What sets you apart from these other services?
@vertis Great question. On the FlatPyramid 3d model marketplace, we focus strictly on working with 3d artist that publish quality 3d models only. The good news is that the "cream always rises to the top" which simply means that best quality 3d artist and 3d models always end up winning on our marketplace. This is great for our customers because they know what to expect from us.
I completely agreed with Luke Chadwick that this is a saturated market - and I don’t understand why this is #1 on PH. George, I’m curious to learn about your marketing strategy here on PH!
We offer both low poly and high quality 3d models that are very detailed and great for your realistic 3d renderings. While our Low poly models are great for some games, AR and VR applications that might not require that much level of detail. If you are not sure then simply let us know what you are looking for and we can recommend the best type of 3d model for you to use. Also, if we don't have a certain type of 3d model or file format on the marketplace then we can custom make it for you.
Please improve the search function. Searched "hair" and got 3733 results showing bike, furniture and circuitboard.
@muhammad_here Thanks for your feedback. The search is better now (the issue was the items were not sorted by relevancy but by newness).
Would love to discuss another opportunity with you concerning the 3D marketplace. lmk if you're available for a brief email exchange... Nice product, too!