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I have learned music for years. i wish my teachers had something like this to teach me. It s like a Google doc for music composition/writing/teaching with a strong educational focus.
I had to look up Flat, but real-time collaboration for music scores is fantastic and I bet you've had great traction with the original product. I'm interested in knowing what features you built specifically for the classroom, and whether you've seen clear usage patterns that distinguish the original product from its use in an educational setting.
@eliservescent Hi thank you! Well usages appeared following our teachers needs. Indeed sharing starts to be painful when we are talking about thousands of scores shared between students and their teacher. It all started from there, then we spoke with a lot of teachers using Flat in order to understand how to make their classroom activities more interactive. You can find a longer introduction on our blog: https://blog.flat.io/introducing...
Hey @rannou_p - why did you decide to build this?
@bentossell Hey Ben, few weeks after we launched our last version (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) we received a lot of messages from music teachers asking for dedicated features to easily give feedback on the work of their students and an easier way to use our music score editor in class. The whole story behind this new product is on our blog https://blog.flat.io/introducing...
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