Collaborate in real time on your sheet music

#4 Product of the DayJuly 03, 2015

Flat: Create, compose, collaborate, play, and print your sheet music using the world's most simple and intuitive web-based music writing and composition software

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Hi thanks @chrismessina for posting us! Flat is a realtime collaborative music scores editor! We aim to create a new way for musicians to collaborate and create music together. We want to offer the simplest user experience to unleash creativity even if you don' t know music theory!
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@rannou_p 🍻! Hoping to share this with my kids someday soon!
I just love this idea -- and the integration with GDrive. It's like Google Docs meets SoundCloud. Or something. Curious what actual composers think...
@chrismessina Thanks to add us on PH :) that was a huge surprise this morning :D
@chrismessina totally love it. as a musician myself i even wonder why no one did that before
Love the idea and execution, beautiful and easy to use! Passing it on to old music directors from college.
@alexanderlunnon Thanks a lot ! :)
This is a brilliant idea. I'm a composer and I actually think one of the strongest elements of this is the Explore page - a great chance for new composers' music to be discovered. @rannou_p I had issues importing MIDI though - I wanted to import a piece in F major and ended up with sharps all over the place. Any plans to let users select a key and then import, so that MIDI notes are imported with the right accidentals?
@edrex_ Hi thanks a lot for the support! :) MIDI import is improved day by day. Sometime key signature isn' t stored into the file. You can use the transpose tool to rollback into the appropriate key signature. Anyway we will add an option to specify key signature on MIDI imports. :)