The missing plugin platform for the Mac Spotlight

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Hey all, One day I wanted to write a plugin to let me search for weather forecasts in Spotlight — but I discovered Spotlight didn't have an API. So I made one, by injecting code into the Spotlight process. It's not perfect (and certainly not as good as Alfred at this point) — but I think it's a big plus to be integrated into existing Spotlight results.
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@nateparrott Will say as a BIG Alfred fan/user/addict, you've grabbed my interest.
@nateparrott I'm already of thinking of plugins I could create. Nice work!
@zaccoffman I'm actually not a huge Alfred user, because Spotlight does 80% of what I want it too, and does it well — this project is all about adding the remaining 20%. That being said, hacking the Spotlight internals is certainly much less sustainable than a fully independent app like Alfred.
@dvyio Let me know if you have any questions or problems!
@nateparrott How does it work with rootless in El Cap?
I came across Nate Parrot's goal to make 10 products in 10 days! I've been working on Intern For A Day (internforaday.co) where companies/interns meetup to actually work with each other rather than impersonal job interviews/resumés. I live life by the credo of learning by doing and I do that my learning something new everyday! And that's what Nick Parrot is doing too! He's just going "SCREW IT! I'm doing this!" and learning hugely along the way by building something new everyday! And it blows my mind! So far he's done 3 products in 3 days so far which I'll be posting to Product Hunt all today. And I'll continue to post the next 7 over the next 7 days! Stay Tuned for more hunts!
Really liked this, but it looks like it's deprecated for El Capitan.
@shanerjeffers This was one of the best apps I've ever used for Mac. Shame to see that rootless (SIP), a new security feature in El Capitan disabled this program. Even the developer has seemingly given up.
This is great. If there was only a way to connect it to existing Alfred workflows.
@trieloff interesting idea! I've also considered allowing users to drag in automator workflows (with input variables, maybe), so that non-coders can create plugins too. But I'm not sure anyone uses automator...
This is great! I never got into Alfred. It seemed like there was a friction when opening search. I love how this works so natively - I can see this replacing the dashboard.