Flashe Gaming Glove 🕹

The world's first performance enhancing gaming glove 🧤🖥

Flashe Gaming Glove will help you increase your performance to attain the margins you need, and to prevent you from getting injured.

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My fellow Swede Oskar launched a Kickstarter campaign for his new company Flashe Gaming Glove last week, and they have already raised $40k+! 🎉 After suffering from a shoulder injury related to movement with a computer mouse, Oskar started to look for a solution to solve the problems he was encountering. And in February 2017, an idea was born that would lay the foundation for the Flashe Gaming Glove. I’m really excited for this product and can’t wait to try it out! Oskar, would you like to tell us more about the story behind the Flashe Gaming Glove?
Hello Product Hunt, and thank you Marcus! @mkaroumi - As Marcus mentioned, I suffered from a shoulder injury a while back related to use with a computer mouse. If you haven't been affected by this yet, then it might be hard to grasp the difficulties you will encounter while using a computer mouse. I've always loved gaming, and the injury prevented me from playing. So I started to look for way to solve this problem. I came up with a very rough prototype that solved the friction problem that you encounter with your wrist and underarm against the mousepad, and the world's first, rotation support. Within a few days I noticed an immense improvement in my gameplay, and furthermore, I could play for many hours without any pain. That's when I realised; this invention might help millions of people around the globe with injuries related to use of a computer mouse, and improve their performance and precision. I started developing the product with experts within the field, and after a few months, we came up with the finished product; The Flashe Gaming Glove. The Flashe Gaming Glove consist of four key components: 1. The Gaming Sleeve - increased bloodflow, which in turn reduces muscle stress and keeps your body temperature optimal. 2. Reduced friction - the underside of the Flashe Gaming Glove is completely covered with teflon. This is the same material that you usually find on the underside of your computer mouse. 3. Angle improvement - most people have a terrible angle towards the computer mouse while using it. We solved this problem by embedding an incline into the glove, so you'll always have an optimal angle towards the mouse. 4. Rotation support - this is the world's first rotation support, nothing like this has ever been presented before. It increases precision, with a controlled movement within the rotation axis, and ensures a complete link between the glove and the computer mouse. After years of hard work to make this a reality, it feels amazing to receive so much positive feedback and support for the Kickstarter campaign. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll get back to you asap!