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Flashcards for Developers is a curated list of educational flashcards to help you boost your development skills.


Leonard Bogdonoff
Jeff Hilnbrand
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Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · Services for startups
Pretty easy, quick way to improve dev skills! I love the flashcard model for learning lots of things and this makes a ton of sense. I'd love to see some multiple choice or prompts with the answers because it's too vague to pick out an answer otherwise!
Nick Engmann
Nick EngmannMaker@nick_engmann
@bentossell Hey Ben👋! We have Multiple Choice decks as well but this is great feedback. We'll see if we can show users which decks are multiple choice and which are self graded
Niko Lazaris
Niko LazarisMaker@nikolazaris · Product Maker
👋 Howdy PH! Thank you @bentossell for the hunt! ❤️ Flashcards for Developers is an educational tool that lets you quiz yourself and practice to keep your skills sharp. Nick and I were inspired by apps like Duolingo or Anki to build a learning tool for developers. A couple other features: 📘We worked with programming tutors around the world (*ahem* Upwork) to improve the content you see. We’ve hit around the 2,600 flashcards mark last week. 🕓 Similar to Duolingo or Anki, we track your progress on topics, which decays over time so you know when to practice again. We use the Leitner study technique as our scheduling system. 📊 You can follow your practice results and other study habits to get insights in how you learn. We want you to feel in control of your studying. We’d love your feedback and we would be happy to answer any questions! 🎉
Joshua Jansen
Joshua Jansen@joshuajansen
Nice idea and execution! Might come in handy for the people in our Learning React maker space 😄
Nick Engmann
Nick EngmannMaker@nick_engmann
@joshuajansen Let us know if they end up liking it and if theres anything we can do to improve their experience 🙏
Paul Shuteyev
Paul ShuteyevPro@paul_shuteyev · Founder/StartupRadius, CMO/PromoRepublic
Ah, never-ending education, sweet! How about an interview about Flashcards project at https://startupradius.com/ at no cost at all? Please fill the form on the website, or PM at paul@startupradius.com
Nick Engmann
Nick EngmannMaker@nick_engmann
@startupradius @paul_shuteyev sure thing! I'll send you a message Paul!
Maddison Hellstrom
Maddison Hellstrom@maddysaysboo · Software Engineer & Co-Founder
Useful! I think it would be nice to be able to filter by decks with multiple-choice questions.