Flashcards + AR

Learn anywhere with augmented reality flashcards ✨

Flashcards plus AR is a learning app which allows you to place your virtual cards on your real desk. Make studying easier.

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Kovács Máté
Indie iOS Developer
Hey Producthunt, I’m Máté and I’m the maker of this little app. When ARKit was introduced I was thinking how could I use it in one of my own porject, and my flashcard learning app was my first idea, cause how cool would be to place your virtual flashcards on your real desk! So finaly I allocated some time for this short project and created the new version of the app in 4 days last weekend! If you are interested I tweeted about it, here: https://twitter.com/kovacsamate/... My plan with this app is to be a market leader on mobile flashcard learning. It’s a long way and I have a lot of stuff on my trello board, but I’m interested in your ideas too. So if you have any questions or suggestions, I’m here to answer them all day long!
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Rudy Lee
Head of Global Business @Zepeto
Great concept! This is going to make studying interesting. Just curious do you provide any free decks with the app? Or must we download or make decks?
Alexander SysoenkoCDO, Spheroid Universe AR

Movies will not replace books, the Internet will not replace movies, etc. But in the case of Flashcards + AR the situation is more subtle - gadgets do not replace table games - this is an obvious idea. Less obvious - AR technology in its current imperfection can not effectively replace more simple let’s say video-technologies. At the foot of the pyramid of Cheops, neither her photo nor her AR-model is needed.

At the same time, this application is the step that should be taken to understand the next steps in the AR technology development.


AR-techs applying, educational AR usage experience


non obvious advantages of AR-features over "traditional" computer