Digital flash cards with self generating quiz to learn vocab

Start by creating at least 1 category to organize words. Then create words. Name categories anything to organize words by subject, chapter, etc. A nonstop quiz is auto generated and tracks your progress so you can see your progress by word and by category!
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This is for anyone who needs help learning new vocabulary -- 1st grade to professional employment, including foreign languages!
If anyone has any questions about this app, what future plans are, or if you have any suggestions, etc, feel free to reply to this post with your thoughts!
I just added a walkthrough tutorial on how to setup categories/words/definitions and a brief rundown on your quizzes and grades for anyone who might need a little help getting started with the app :) let me know what you think!
The sample quiz seemed to be a popular thing. I've updated the code to allow for multiple sample quizzes. Now you can choose a bunch of different ones, in addition to still being able to make your own word/definition quiz. Also, the sample quizzes now tie into your dashboard so you can add/remove any words from the sample quizzes to tweak them to what you like. In addition to this, I've also added the ability to wipe all your data from the site, so you can purge everything when you're done with the app :)