Flashback Hoodie

A hoodie that blocks pictures

This hoodie is made from reflective material (glass nanospheres), which distorts pictures. This is useful for blocking flash photography, taking artsy photos and extreme photobombing.
This material has been around for ages - it's called 3M. Nike, North Face, Supreme, and others have all made jackets using the material. This site is only rebranding it as the "flashback" jacket. Nothing new.
How much more effective is hoodie over existing reflective products? I understand Flashback Hoodie is targeting a specific market at that price point but I could go to my local Primark (think Forever 21 prices for Urban Outfitter crowds) for a similar jacket for £24.99 (c.$38).
anyone else immediately throw on some @deathgripz after seeing this?
I'd love to see celebrities use this to troll paparazzi.